Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Construction Industry in the Philippines

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For a developing country like Philippines, the building and construction industry is surely one of the most booming business sectors. Every year, an increasing number of buildings, establishments, public works and whatnot are being built throughout the country. There are a lot of established construction firms that handles various civil engineering and architecture projects.

Civil engineering works deals with the design, construction and maintenance of a physical environment which includes buildings, infrastructures, public works, bridges, etc. Architecture works on the other hand is both the process and end result of planning, designing and building. Construction projects are usually faceted into many different aspects that is handled by a project manager, architect, structural engineer, construction manager, etc.

Construction is the process of building or assembling an infrastructure in a certain area or land. In general, there are different types of construction: Building Construction, Heavy/Civil Construction and Industrial Construction.

Building Construction is the process of adding a structure into a real property. It can be a commercial or a residential building. From small scale to large scale and from houses to condo units or hotels. Commercial building construction is procured privately or publicly. Construction projects can also be renovations or reconstruction of certain structures.

Heavy/Civil construction projects are mostly involves government agencies for big projects in national or local levels. These projects are commonly government buildings and public infrastructures.

Industrial Construction is the process of building infrastructures for industries like automotive plants, food and beverage plant, petroleum plant and other buildings for different industries.


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